Web Design

Our preferred method of building websites is with Drupal, MySQL, CSS, and Javascript. Other approaches are possible, but this is simply the best way we have been able to find to build websites efficiently and with virtually no boundaries. You will also notice that the basic building blocks are all freely available so not only is it cheaper to build, it's also maintainable by any of the other millions of developers that use these technologies. Your site will be built with a user-friendly management interface available to you for making easy changes to content directly from any web browser. If you ever decide to move your site you will have access to all the code. All customizations are done in a standard Drupal way, so most other Drupal developers will have no trouble understanding and modifying the site. Many popular sites such as whitehouse.gov, samsungmusic.com and countless other corporate sites exist already on the Drupal platform.


The Web Design Process


The Meeting

First, we all sit down around a table and figure out what your specific needs are for your website. Everyone’s there, including the designer, the coder, a customer service specialist, and of course you.

We figure out what kind of pages you would like to have, and we enumerate what kind of content needs to be used.


Creating & Gathering

During this phase, we are tasked with creating any content that needs to be created: photographs are taken, copy is written, logos are brushed up if necessary. We gather all the content you have for us, and arrange everything in a logical way according to the plan we created at The Meeting.



Here’s where the designer gets to work: from the basic plan and the arrangment of data from the last two phases, the designer will build a prototype of each page, which will be sent to you for approval. Of course, if the site is large and complex, not every page needs to be prototyped, so the designer will map out the themes for each page type.


Coding & Implementation

Websites work using several specialized codes. Learning one of these code types is like learning a new language, so Carlisle Printing has a linguist on staff! Our linguist is fluent in PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML and many other programming languages and standards (Visual Basic, C, C++, Actionscript, etc.) If you ever meet our linguist in the hallway, the accepted greeting is “Hello, world.” He will know what you mean, even if you don’t.


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